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Retractable Roofs

Awnings Retractable Legends 1


Finally a roof system that retracts, allowing you to double the use of third spaces, restaurant forecourts, pubs or clubs. Retracted in fine weather to let in sunshine and warmth, LEGEND can be closed with the push of a button for protection against wind and rain.


  • Designed to resist the rain and has a excellent sun and wind rating
  • The versatility of the system allows it to cover large areas in a practical and elegant manner
  • Developed with long lasting components to ensure maximum durability
  • The PVC canvas is waterproof, sale proof and fire retardant
  • Can be installed flat, tilted or build into most existing structures
  • Motorised operation via remote control, 5-year quality warranty

JUST RITE's Work Examples

Calista 1

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Double Anti-Air System

This System prevents the wind entering between the ceiling cover, rails and gutter, and creates an airtight space into which the wind cannot enter.

Double Anti Air System

Spot Lights

Depending on whether you want strong practical lighting, or an atmospheric dimmed ambience, choose from 1 or 3 watt LED lighting options. Investing in LED technologies is part of Palmiyes contribution to a green environment.

Spot Lights

10-Wheel Car

Our specially designed 10 Wheel car drive, with its one-part stainless steel body, ensures silent, fast and balanced operation of your product.

10 Wheel Car

Geometric Cross Section

With its geometric design, the specially engineered inner section gives maximum strength and wind resistance to the aluminium rail profile.

Geometric Cross Section


This prevents rainwater entering the enclosed area, and leads it directly to the front gutter for perfect drainage.


Rain Gutter

The gutter with its height adjustment feature, provides the anti-air system, in different positions to ensure a perfect fit, according to the inclination of your product.

Rain Gutter