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Manufactured in Australia for Australian conditions since 1976,the Skydome™ skylight is the biggest seller on the market. Little wonder, with an enormous range of available sizes, lazing options and accessories - as well as our attention to quality manufacture and installation.

The Skydome skylight is designed for installation into almost any new or existing structure. It offers you the freedom to locate a bathroom, ensuite, kitchen and laundry away from exterior walls, providing overhead natural light and ventilation in a cost- and energy-efficient way.

Skydome skylights are guaranteed to be entirely weather proof and robust, and are manufactured from quality raw materials sourced within Australia. Available in a wide range of sizes and models to suit all building applications, they complement the Australian roof construction industry. In addition to our standard range of square or rectangular sizes, a number of circular and pyramid shapes is available.

Skydomes provide protection from harmful UV rays (99% UV blockout) and have been tested to Australian Standard (AS4285)

Skydome Guarantee

  • 7 year warranty on acrylic products
  • 10 year warranty on glass products.

Skydome - History

Skydome Industries (now Skydome Skylight Systems) was established by then Managing Director, Michael Bonello, in 1976 to provide natural lighting solutions, linking the internal environment to the external environment. A pioneer in the skylighting industry, Skydome Industries has changed the way skylights were perceived - not just a piece of glass on the roof, but an innovative method of linking the internal and external environments. Whilst the initial product was the very popular Skydome, the company now designs, manufactures, distributes, exports and installs a wide range of award winning skylighting and ventilation products.

The same product quality and innovation that differentiates Skydome from its opposition was also used in landmark projects such as Sydney’s Star City Casino, IMAX Theatre, Darling Harbour, Sydney International Airport, The Olympic Aquatic Centre, Homebush Rail Link, World Square, to the glazing of the Stadium Australia roof, venue for the 2000 Olympic Games.

Skydome Skylights

Whether you are building a new home, a kitchen renovation, bathroom renovation or renovating any room in your home, a Skydome skylight will make a dramatic and welcome change. A Skydome traditional skylight will suit most types of roofing profiles: corrugated, metal deck and tile. Robustly built roof flashings for the tough Australian climate have been foremost in our consideration. Every Skydome skylight comes with a 7 year guarantee of manufacture and workmanship. For further protection, each dome is manufactured using Skyguard, eliminating 99% of harmful UV rays. Also, you may be interested in our range of quality glass skylights, including double-glazed. We also manufacture bush fire rated skylights should your home or building be located in a bush fire zone.

The Tile Skydome™ model features a Direct Flow System. This water removal system is an integral section located on both sides of the flashing. It provides a primary and secondary watercourse for an absolutely watertight installation and aids self-cleaning. 

Glass Skylights

There are three styles of glazing for you to choose from, either 3mm thick, 4.5mm or 6mm and each is UV-stabilised to eliminate 99% of potentially harmful UV rays. Optional glass glazing is available to
achieve a low profile appearance, and meet strict fire code regulations (where required).

Sky Tubeskydom 2

A Skytube is a great addition to laundry renovations, kitchen renovations or any small rooms where natural light is required. Until now, tubular skylights have only performed at their optimum level when the sun is high in the sky (from 10.00am to 2.00pm). In most instances, tubular skylight performance decreases dramatically in the early and late afternoon when needed most. Skytube’s patented Intech lens, located in the dome, collects the low elevation sunlight in the early morning, late afternoon and winter, whilst at the same time regulating the light during the hot midday summer sun to provide cooler daylight. The use of our patented Variable Pitch Adaptor enables us to provide a straight path of light between any roof pitch and ceiling, and to bypass obstacles without having to bend our tube around them. It is common knowledge that “light does not travel around corners”.

The transfer of light down the tube (or the light transfer pipe), is particularly enhanced with Silvertube, a 97% reflective, light transfer pipe. This guarantees minimal light loss between what enters and what is transferred to the room below. Skytube Intech is a truly smart skylight. Similar to task lighting we recommend Skytube Intech for installation in smaller rooms, hallways, bathrooms and laundries, however, multiple installations in the one room can give spectacular results. The Skytube Intech is easy to install. Moulded flashings are designed to suit specific roof types including corrugated iron, metal deck/Kliplok, concrete tile and terracotta tile, facilitating ease of installation and, most importantly, watertightness. We provide a comprehensive installation service; fully warranted.

We will gladly provide you with obligation-free advice and quotations. Selecting the right type of product and size for your home can be a daunting exercise. Rest assured our technicians are trained to provide you with the right advice and to help you make the correct choice for your home. University and independent laboratory tests prove that Skytube Intech is one of the most sophisticated tubular skylights available on the market today.


Skydome Installation

The Skydome skylight has been designed to withstand the harsh Australian conditions. The flashings are purpose built for any roof type and are guaranteed against leaks. The Direct Flow System on our Tile skylights provides both a primary and secondary watercourse; water can flow freely around the tray, promoting a self-cleaning action to clear leaves and debris in the flashing tray. We provide a comprehensive installation service - fully warranted. We will gladly provide you with obligation-free advice and quotations. Selecting the right type of product and size for your home can be a daunting exercise.

Rest assured our technicians are trained to provide you with the right advice and to help you make the right choice, first time.

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