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1) What are different double glazing options available for existing windows & doors?faq small copy

Just rite offers different types of double glazing solutions for existing windows & doors across Canberra:

  • Retrofit Double Glazing For Existing Timber Windows
  • Secondary glazing for Aluminum windows
  • Replace with new Aluminum, Timber, or uPVC

2) What is TwinGlazing Retro-fit Double Glazing?

If the existing window frames of your house are in excellent condition, TwinGlazing can be a suitable option for you. TwinGlazing double glazed windows are fitted into the existing window frames, which also preserves the integrity & style of your home and comes with all the benefits of double glazing. The process is quite economical, quick & easy if compared to full frame replacement.

The benefits of getting TwinGlazing –

  • Helps in reducing the nuisance noises up to 70%
  • Improve the thermal efficiency of your home
  • Add resale value to your home.
  • Comes with the 10-year warranty
  • Reduces carbon emission

3) I have existing Timber windows, can I Double Glaze them?

If the wood frames of your existing windows are in excellent condition, the new replacement double glazed unit can be installed in same frame/sash. The process is quite simple, quick & easy if compared to full frame installation

For installation purpose, the single pane of glass is removed and replaced with a hermetically sealed double glazed unit. Double glazed unit traps the layer of air between the panes and since air is a poor conductor minimum amount of heat is lost through the window.

4) Can existing aluminium window be double glazed?

The simple answer to this question is yes; the term is called Secondary Glazing. The process involves installing the second duplicate aluminium window inside of the frame.

Benefits of Secondary Glazing:

  • Improve Thermal efficiency of your home. The separation between two aluminium windows provides a thermal break eliminating the usual problem of heat loss through the aluminium
  • The windows are made of glass which is easy to clean and does not need special care.
  • Both window sides are slidable
  • Helps in reducing unwanted noise

5) What benefit will Double Glazed window give to my house?

Many visible long-term benefits can be seen and felt right after installation-

  • Increase in Thermal Performance – Double Glazed units help in keeping your house warmer in winter and more relaxed in summer. Heat loss from standard double glazed glass windows is 54% less than a single glazed window. Here at JustRite, we have superior glass options available which are called LOW-E glass, which reduces the heat loss of up to or greater than 70%
  • The decrease in Noise pollution – Especially for people who live nearby busy road or noisy neighbours, double glazing is useful as it can help in significant reduction of noise pollution. Depending upon the type of double glazing selected the noise reduction can vary from 20% to 70%
  • Safety & Security –Double Glazed windows are twice as much safe as they are harder to break than a single pane of glass which acts as a significant repellent for burglars. The benefits can be enhanced by using toughened glass in double glazing units.
  • Added value for Home- Double Glazing adds significant appeal to the value of your home and makes the property more sellable.
  • Reduces Condensation - The air or gas in-between the glass keeps the inside glass at room temperature thereby virtually eliminating condensation and dampness within your home. With double glazing, there is an improvement in thermal insulation between the outside and inside due to the gap between the glass layer. As a result, condensation gets significantly reduced.
  • No permission needed – Double Glazing installation does not require any permission from the local authority. Therefore it is a very convenient option for home improvement; it pays for itself.

6) What are advantages of uPVC windows & doors?

uPVC windows & doors provide thermal comfort to your house because the material used is poor conductor which decreases the heat transfer keeping the internal temperature more consistent. Other benefits are low noise transmission, maintenance-free and easy to install.

The uPVC windows & door frames are specially formulated and are suitable for all Australian climatic zones including Canberra.

7) What are uPVC Double Glazed doors & Windows made off?

Our double glazed uPVC doors and windows are designed for Australia’s extreme environmental conditions. They are German Engineered Veka window system; our uPVC products are very pleasing to eyes and available in multiple colours.

Just Rite supplies a vast range of Window and Door types to suit your requirements. Our uPVC Windows are made to order and can be double or triple glazed and are very easy to install. Our products are as per Australian Standards, and our manufacturers are members of the Australian Window Association (AWA) and Window Energy Rating Scheme (WERS. The Veka Awning / Casement Window range is one of the highest Star efficiency rated products available in Australia today.

8) Double Glazing is it worth it?

The short and simple answer would be YES. It is undeniable that Double Glazing improves the thermal efficiency of doors and windows. According to various independent studies, windows are more responsible for heat gain or loss if compared to any other part of the building. By installing good quality double glazing, energy bills can be cut to half.

9) Difference between Single Glazed and Double Glazed windows

A single glazed window as the name suggests is constructed by using a single pane of glass. Whereas, the double glazed windows are made up of two separate pieces of glass which are separated by vacuum layer that acts as an insulated barrier. The double glazed window is 20 times more efficient than the normal single glazed window

10) Will Double glazing reduces the noise pollution?

Windows are one of biggest conductors of noise and simple single glazed window panel is not as effective and efficient as the double glazed unit. Standard double glazing with at least a 12mm gap is effective at reducing the transmission of medium to high frequencies