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VELUX Skylight


VELUX can provide the solution to create bright, sunny interiors even if you have a flat ceiling under a sloping roof. The simple construction of a shaft is all that's needed to capture light and bring fresh air into the home.

A skylight shaft is a light well from which the incoming light from the skylight is distributed into the room. If the shaft 'flared' it is possible to make both the skylight and the shaft appear larger, and it ensures the light is more evenly distributed once it enters the room.

Just imagine how opening the ceiling to the sky will visually expand a room with sunlight from above, cool breezes and the spacious open feeling of being in touch with the outdoors.


Model FS Fixed Skylight

The VELUX FS fixed skylight provides the perfect solution for creating a spacious home that filled with natural light.


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Designed for out-of-reach applications, the FS captures abundant daylight for rooms in which maximum lighting is the main requirement. The FS skylight will visually expand hallways, stairwells, and any other closed in dark spaces. For a more dramatic effect, you can couple several skylights in a bank above vertical windows to create a spectacular sunroom with beautiful sky views.

The quality crafted timber frame of the FS adds to the attractive appearance of the skylight and provides strength, durability and insulation.

The FS fixed Skylight . Non-vented skylight. The frame is made from high-quality Nordic Pine and comes factory treated with a base preservative. Further treatment with varnish, paint or wood preservative following relevant Australian Standards shall be required.

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Model VS Manual Open-able Skylight

All the light, without the heat.

The VELUX VS openable skylight allows you to tap nature's resources of abundant daylight, maximum ventilation and stunning outdoor views.veluxvs

For out-of-reach installations, the VS includes an operator hook that ensures easy opening and closing with a VELUX control rod. A small winder handle is available when the skylight is installed. The VS comes fitted with an insect screen which can be easily removed for cleaning.

In addition to providing excellent ventilation, the VS skylight also contributes to proper moisture balance by allowing hot, humid air to escape. This is particularly important in kitchens, laundries and bathrooms.

The VS is hinged at the top, and the sash winds out with an easy to operate scissor arm mechanism made from marine grade stainless steel. The frame and sash are made from high-quality Nordic Pine and come factory treated with a base preservative. Further treatment with varnish, paint or wood preservative in accordance with relevant Australian Standards shall be required.

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Model VSE Electric Openable SkylightKLR 200 + hand crop shot

Push button control, the perfect solution.

The VELUX VSE openable skylight has been pre-electrified allowing plug-in installation without the need for an electrician to complete the electrical wiring. The chain drive mechanism is smooth and quiet and when fully open, the VSE allows excellent ventilation and increases comfort inside the home. The VSE comes fitted with an insect screen which is easily removed for cleaning. The VSE also includes dual rain sensors, which will automatically close the window when it starts to rain. Enjoy beautiful outdoor views and the ease of operating your skylight with push-button remote control. 

The VSE is a pre-electrified openable skylight which is hinged at the top and opens out from the bottom with a chain drive. The frame and sash are made from high-quality Nordic Pine and come factory treated with a base preservative. Further treatment with varnish, paint or wood preservative in accordance with relevant Australian Standards shall be required.

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Model FS skylight
Model VS skylight
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Model VSE skylight





Velux flashing systems come completely pre-fabricated and suit almost all roofing materials. Made from aluminium, they are finished with a special PVCD lacquer to ensure long-lasting performance. 

They are designed to work with the principles of natural drainage rather than depending on the integrity of vulnerable mistakes and sealants.

EDH Flashing - For profiled roofing materials such as tile and corrugated iron up to 90mm profile height. The EDH flashing forms a discreet gutter underneath the roofing material which diverts water down the roof. 

Note - EDH flashing not recommended in wide span, high profile metal deck roofing with ridges of 35mm or more. The installer will need to make a custom flashing to suit.


EDL Flashing - For flat roofing materials less than 8mm in thickness, such as slate and shingles. Each layer of the EDL flashing is interwoven with a layer of roofing material.

Combi Flashing - Ready-made solutions are available for coupling banks of skylights - please enquire for more details.


Roller Blinds - Provides privacy and a soft diffusion of light. It is supplied with a 5-metre cord control and can also be operated by rod control, using ZAZ090 cord pulley in conjunction with ZCT300 rod control. When fully retracted, the blind rolls up behind a metal fascia.  

  • Colour - Beige
  • Material - Dirt-resistant, treated cotton 

Venetian Blinds - Provides added light control, protection against heat, and privacy. The blind can be operated with rod control ZCT300 or electric system WUX120 or WLX130. The pitch of the blades can be adjusted and the blind is fully retractable.

  • Colour - Eggshell white in the convex side, Metallic on the concave side.
  • Material - Aluminium blades with a heat resistant THERMO-STOP coating on the outside.

Blockout Blinds - Provides complete block out and protection against light and heat. Operated by electric control WUX120 or WLX130. The blind can be stopped in any position and is fully retractable

  • Colour - White on the internal side, Silver on the external side
  • Material - Light-tight polyester with a heat resistant THERMO-STOP coating on the outer side.
Roller Blinds Venetian Blinds Block-out Blinds
SkylightRollerBlind SkylightVenetian SkylightBlockout


All VSE and VS skylights come standard with VELUX 2004 glazing. On FS models, VELUX glazing is optional.

2004 Glazing - Heatstop, toughened, laminated sealed insulating glass unit. The outer pane comprises a low-E3coated sheet of tempered safety glass which blocks approximately 80% radiant heat. The inner pane comprises two sheets of heat-strengthened safety glass laminated together using 0.67mm interlayer for maximum safety and 99% UV ray protection. The glazing unit is dual sealed and filled with Argon gas for additional insulation and thermal comfort to reduce the heat loss in winter. The noise reduction factor is 32 decibels.

2005 Glazing - Heatstop, toughened sealed insulating glass unit. Two panes of tempered safety glass are dual sealed and filled with Argon gas for improved insulation and thermal comfort to reduce heat loss in winter. A double layer of low-E3coating is applied to the inner part of the outer pane, which blocks 75% radiant heat and approx. 95% of UV rays. The noise reduction factor is 29 decibels.

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