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Odyssey Ventilation

The science behind the system

Odeyssey Ventilation

The Odyssey is designed to provide fast and effective relief from heat that builds up in the fabric of your home during the day so you don’t feel like you’re living in a hot box.

When the outside temperature falls below that of the inside, the Odyssey automatically switches to indoor cool mode to efficiently remove the heat from your living space and replace it with cooler, fresh external air.

With its large capacity ventilator, one Odyssey unit has the ability to replace all the air in a 150m2 home in just 11 minutes.

Odyssey continues to work throughout the night to cool down the walls and floors of your home which would otherwise continue to radiate the stored heat.

During the day, when external temperatures are higher than inside your home, the Odyssey works in roof cool mode to exhaust the hot air from your roof space and reduce the heat soaking through your ceiling.

These combine to significantly lower air-conditioning running costs and deliver a more comfortable home for you and your family.

In fact for many, Odyssey could be a complete replacement for air-conditioning.